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Our business website package has all you need to get started.

We believe our business website package presents a value solution for any business.

Everything you need to get started, A Website, Domain Name, Hosting and Email.

If you already have a domain name or hosting, no worries, we can build your website on your host server.

Business Website Packages

Website Type HTML 5 CMS
Design HTML + CSS Or
Pages starts with
starts with
Hosting 5Gb
Email Accounts 3 3
Google Analytics

Choosing a Website Platform

What platform is best suited for your website?

There are two basic types of websites.

1. Static HTML or 2. Dynamic CMS.

The things that are important to you and your visitors will determin the platform used to build your website.

Choosing the right platform will save you money.

1. HTML - Static Website

Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language for creating web pages and applications (this website is HTML).

Some business don't need to regularly edit their website, so HTML is perfect.

Pro's: Robust, secure, compatible, mobile first design makes websites super fast, best SEO possibilities, will run on any server, easy to back up.

Con's: No editing ability built in, not very interactive.

2. DYNAMIC - Content Management Systems

A really popular platform for the "average joe" or "professional" to build websites.

Add and edit website content easily. Create new pages, add information and images or add a blog. CMS increase functionality where HTML is limited.

Popular CMS include WordPress and Joomla!

Pro's: Fast website creation, easy and quick editing and publishing of content, interactive.

Con's: Paid plugins for important fuctionality, seo, form creation, ect;, regular updating of CMS core and any plugins for security and function, typically slower loading times than HTML, backup and re-deploy labour intensive in comparison to HTML.

There are pros and cons with each platform, it really depends on what you want to achieve.

Designed for mobile device & desktop

Mobile devices play a growing role in design and delivery.

We recommend mobile first website design for a fast, compliant website.

All business can benefit from using mobile first design as a strategy.

Smartphones are surpassing personal computer use and increasingly, people are using their mobile devices to search and find your business website, even if it's to just click your phone number and contact you.

A fast, purpose built, mobile first website, might attract more visitors!

Built to a standard

Following coding standards results in a superior build quality.

We prefer building HTML 5, mobile first website design that follows W3C coding standards where possible.

Following coding standards results in a superior build quality while providing the highest level of compatibility.

By following a standard, the user who may have some sort of limitation be it technical (bandwidth limitations, older device) or physical (visual, cognitive or motor control) will be ensured access to the information on the website as expected.

CMS such as Wordpress & Joomla! can be made standards compliant. This requires using specialised plugins that depend on your theme also being standards compliant.

Ensuring compatibility, usability, searchability, reliability, speed and expected user control will have a positive affect on the overall success of your business website.


Why use HTML for your business website?

  • It's reliable. HTML can be made to comply with W3C standards & is robust.
  • It's safe. No database to slow delivery or cause problems.
  • It's fast. CMS database query and language execution is slow in comparison.
  • It's cheap(er). CMS database query and language execution is costly.
  • It's compatible. HTML has been around since the internet started.
  • It's aimed at mobile. In 2018, 58% of site visits were from mobile devices.

Why use a CMS for your business website?

  • It's fast to create. A CMS makes it easy to create a website.
  • It's easy to edit. No waiting for webmaster to update content.
  • It's interactive. Shopping carts, commenting and interactive elements.
  • It's flexible. Add interactive functions, upsize as your business grows.
  • It's easy on the eye. Many CMS templates really look nice.

Build Time

Business Website : 60 + hours.

If you would like to talk about your needs and what might best serve you and your customers, please give us a call.

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