Business Website

Our website package includes all you need

Business Website Package

Our business website package has all you need to get started.

We believe our business website package presents a value solution for any business.

Everything you need to get started, A Website, Domain Name, Hosting and Email.

If you already have a domain name or hosting, no worries, we can build just a website too.

Business Website Packages

Responsive Mobile First
Pages starts with
starts with
Hosting 5Gb
Email Accounts 3 3
Google Analytics
Keyword Rank Reporting 40 keywords 40 keywords

Designed for mobile device & desktop

Mobile devices play a growing role in design and delivery.

We recommend mobile first website design for a fast, compliant website.

All business can benefit from using mobile first design as a strategy.

Smartphones are surpassing personal computer use and increasingly, people are using their mobile devices to search and find your business website, even if it's to just click your phone number and contact you.

A fast, purpose built, mobile first website, might attract more visitors!

Built to a standard

Following coding standards results in a superior build quality.

We prefer mobile first website design that follows W3C coding standards.

Following coding standards results in a superior build quality while providing the highest level of compatibility.

By following a standard, the user who may have some sort of limitation be it technical (bandwidth limitations, older device) or physical (visual, cognitive or motor control) will be ensured access to the information on the website as expected.

Ensuring compatibility, usability, searchability, reliability, speed and expected user control will have a positive affect on the overall success of your business website.

To sum it up

Why use HTML for your business website?

  • It's reliable. HTML is robust.
  • It's safer. No database to slow delivery or cause problems.
  • It's faster. CMS database query and language execution is slow in comparison.
  • It's cheaper. CMS database query and language execution is costly.
  • It's compatible. HTML has been around since the internet started.
  • It's aimed at mobile. In 2018, 58% of site visits were from mobile devices.

Build Time

Business Website : 60 + hours.

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business website design

Keyword Rank Reporting

Our mobile app revolutionises rank tracking reporting to our clients with live access to your rankings.

website rank reporting

Daily Keyword Positions, Weekly & Monthly Comparison, Local Search Volumes, Download Reports

website rank reporting
Available on:
iPhone & iPad &
Android & Tablet

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