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Selling your products 24/7

Benefit from ecommerce with better customer service and a quicker one!

E-business is cost effective and puts small business at the same level as big companies.

This is the number one way to do business, because consumers want a convenient way to purchase products that doesn't require them to leave the comfort of their homes.

A well-designed eCommerce storefront will help enhance that experience and bring visitors back for future purchases.

Just about every small business can afford the few thousand it costs to create a real, viable, personalised e-commerce site as the complexity of online credit card payments has been reduced dramatically.

Advantages of eCommerce

  • 1. No Standing in Queues or Being Placed on Hold Forever
    For customers, this is one of the most popular conveniences of ecommerce.
  • 2. Buying/selling 24/7
    This is also a big convenience of ecommerce.
  • 3. Access to Stores Located Remotely
    Especially for people who live in regional ares, this can be a big advantage. Likewise ecommerce opens new markets for ecommerce businesses.
  • 4. Easy to Start and Manage a Business
    Since there is no need for a physical store, ecommerce businesses save on one of the biggest cost overheads that retailers have to bear.
  • 5. Faster Selling Procedure
    Customers login and instantly order desired products with minimal fuss Better buyer descisions
  • 6. Ability to Expand into New Markets
    Enables business to reach narrow market segments that are geographically dispersed.
  • 7. Savings
    In addition to the saving of time that buying online offers, the Internet is perceived by the customer as a commercial space where prices are lowest. Transaction costs are generally lower.

eCommerce Business Website

eCommerce Package


  Domain Name  

  Shopping Cart Website  


  Hosting & Email  

  Analytics & Reporting  

  Website & Remote Support  

Set up fee and monthly fee depend on amount of product pages, email accounts, hosting space and bandwidth required.

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