Facebook shoots itself in the foot

Facebook made good on its threat to block Australians from accessing or posting news content. The ban includes blocking links to Australian and overseas news publishers.

Facebook was demonstrating to the Federal government that if it doesn’t like the rules, it can make it’s own rules and purposely damage our national interests.

Certain government Facebook pages, such as those belonging to the Bureau of Meterology and some health department sites, have been caught up in the ban.

You can also expect to see a long-term proliferation of misinformation as Facebook’s news feed will have a vacuum of professionally sourced and fact-checked news.

Shares of Facebook Inc. Cl A FB slipped 3.64%, in what proved to be an all-around grim trading session.

Any individual with half a brain will realise, "facebook has been garbage right from start".

There is nothing factual about Facebook.

The democratic impact of Facebook’s ban will be felt – and is counter to Facebook’s stated principle of connecting people and its recent pledge to tackle misinformation.

The reputational damage and publisher exodus will eventually damage its core business.

Allowing your online experience to be dictated to by a billionaire “petulant teenager”, at your cost, is the exact opposite of what the internet is supposed to be.

Time to rethink Facebook or have you already cancelled the cancel culture mob by deleting it altogether?

Mark Zuckerberg Called People Who Handed Over Their Data “Dumb F****”


The sooner people wake up and monetise their own information instead of giving it away to a billionaire, the better off we will ALL be. 

The end (of Facebook) is nigh.

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