Help During Covid-19

Working in Isolation

Operating During Coronavirus

The “novel” coronavirus has thrown a spanner in many business ability to operate.

What can we do at the moment?

  1. Add a notification banner to your website about COVID19 and your business.
  2. Assess how your website might be improved.
  3. Make changes to adjust to current conditions
  4. Improve organic search results.
  5. Call me on 0418 168 678 to discuss your needs. 

Please give me a call to discuss a way forward if you think your business will change significantly as a result of Covid-19.


Zoom video conferencing is a good option. It’s not designed for text chats, but it allows you to make video calls with up to 99 other people for free. Calls are limited to 40 minutes unless the person hosting the call upgrades to a paid account, but that’s a good chunk of time for catching up and making sure everyone is safe and well. More on Zoom video conferencing.

Skype is a great choice for both text chats and video calls with multiple participants. It’s very easy to use, having undergone a total redesign last year that simplified its interface, and calls to other Skype users are completely free. You can even call mobile phones and landlines if you buy some Skype credit, which typically works out cheaper than using your actual phone. More on Skype.

Computer Help & Repairs

We have extensive experience with Windows repairs and Mac repairs.

Some maintenance can be performed online, while other work will require hands on.

If you  need help with your website, pc or mac please download our support module and/or give me a call on 0418 168 678.

If you require a computer repair, please call KIT Computers on (07) 4635 4593

Government Assistance