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Hosting plans for your business website

Business Hosting

Hosting services allow us to make a website accessible via the web.

Not all Hosts are equal, as the space and services (functionality such as email, databases, applications, support etc;) differ with each Host.

Our business hosting plans provide cost effective solutions for website & server support.

Business Hosting Plans

Silver Gold Platinum
cPanel Hosting 2Gb 5Gb 10Gb
Bandwidth 5GB p/m 20GB p/m Unlimited
Email Accounts 3 5 10
Aust. Data Center Hosting
Server Management *
Daily Backups
Virus Scanner
413 Softalicious Apps
Free Transfer
Remote Support

What should I expect from a web host?

Many web hosts provide services that can enhance website funtionality and security. Hosts provide control panel access to administer your hosting account, create email accounts and install web applications to be used with your website.

The bandwidth allowance (how much data per month can be used to download your website) is something that isn't usually considered. We consider how much bandwith you need and can adjust if required.

Our server is located in the Data Center, Sydney Australia, so quick connectivity is assured. Uptime is important as all servers have some downtime for maintenance.

Obviously you will need space on a server. Cut rate hosts provide lots of space to give the impression they are good. While space is required, large amounts of hosting space is not a good indicator of a good host.

Avoid being drawn to cheap services that lead to over crowding and other problems.. Hosting requires technical skill and money to invest in solid architecture.

Factors that impact the cost of hosting

What affects the cost of running a website?

Website Size:
Hosting space requirements will differ with the amount of pages and images needed. Websites can range in size from Mb's to a Gb or more. The space (Mb's or Gb's) required on the server for your website and services will need to be considered along with email and room for expansion.

Databases can run interactive scripts and applications on your website such as blogs, shopping carts, content management systems, forums and more, all of which can be on one website! The level of functionality created on a website impacts on how much space you need and the overall maintenance required to update the website's applications.

Hosting space requirements differ with the amount of email accounts needed. Email accounts can range in amount of accounts needed and the size and type of each account.

Over time the amount of visitors (other wise known as traffic) will increase and the required bandwidth (amount of data transferred) to serve your website pages and services. Access to bandwidth to allow for for traffic to your website when required is crucial.

Keyword Rank Reporting

Our mobile app revolutionises rank tracking reporting to our clients with live access to your rankings.

website rank reporting

Daily Keyword Positions, Weekly & Monthly Comparison, Local Search Volumes, Download Reports

website rank reporting
Available on:
iPhone & iPad &
Android & Tablet

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