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Our mobile app revolutionises rank reporting to our clients.keyword rank reporting

Live access to keyword positions & summary of positions up or down.

  • Access to daily keyword positions
  • Daily, weekly monthly comparison
  • Summary of top 1, 3, 10, 20 & 100 positions
  • Results for Google, Google AU and other SE
  • Results for mobile, desktop and snack pack

Tracking your keywords allows you to see when SEO is required to maintain or improve organic rank.

Our mobile rank reporting app is available on &

Organic Result Reports

View your organic local search results for mobile devices and desktop for any keyword.

organic search results
View your daily position in search by device.

Local Search Volumes

Our rank reports show local search volumes for your chosen keywords.

If you can see your keywords have local search volumes, great, if not, you may consider changing your keyword strategy.

local search volumes

local volumes show how many are using your keyword in a search (local volumes available in PDF reports).

Quick Stats

At the top of each report, a quick overview of positions up and down.


Daily Rank

Rank charts show daily position by device type showing, top rank, average rank, local and global search volumes.


Tracking of Optimisation

Historical charting of optimisation shows trend of optimisation.

historical search optimisation chart


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