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Mobile First Design

Mobile – Tablet – Desktop

Mobile first website design is both a strategy and a new way of targeting delivery.

The mobile first website considers website design for mobile phones or mobile devices before traditional desktop computers.

Typically website designers use a desktop computer to design websites, then make changes to suit mobile layouts.

Mobile first considers mobile layout and delivery as a priority with desktop layout following the mobile design.

User Experience Design

increasing the satisfaction

Mobile First Design reverses the priority to mobile while still delivering to desktop, which make for a fast website!

Mobile First Design could be viewed as a “User Experience Design” and about increasing satisfaction of a user by developing or enhancing the speed, usability and ultimatley, pleasure from using your website.

Some basic examples of a mobile first experience are things such as, linking your logo to your homepage, use readable fonts, mimimise the need for images and navigation.

Desktops are not left out in mobile first design. Responsive design delivers the desktop experience equally as well as mobile, and at increased speed, utilising delivery speed as a ranking factor.

Why Mobile First?

Some uses & benefits of Mobile First websites

There are a few good reasons to choose a mobile first design for your website.


As speed is a main factor, areas with low bandwidth such as regional or rural, will see your site quickly, on mobile or desktop.

Improved User Experience

Around 60% of mobile users  have encountered problems when browsing websites that have led them to abandon the page.

Improved Mobile SEO

If Google recommends it, we usually do it. You will want your site to rank well in Google mobile search results.



Mobile First

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