Our Process

A quick overview of work flow.

Thanks for considering us for your website services!

Here are our seven steps to getting started:

1. Consultation

Your needs, pricing and delivery

For accurate pricing and delivery of services we need to speak to a business representative to gather information about your business and requirements.


2. Quote

Agreement on services & price

Our quote is an informal contract as it outlines objectives and explains in detail the service(s) we will provide based on our consultation.


3. Plan & Design

Plan structure & design layout

Just like a home builder needs a floor plan, your website needs a site plan or site map. After accepting our quote, we start work structuring and designing your website.


4. Test & Review

Ensure compatibility

We test the layout with content to review how the content needs the layout to work. We modify the layout to suit content and review...


5. Optimise

Maximise content and delivery

We make sure your website makes use of effective keywords, optimise code and images for fast to delivery of your content.


6. Launch

Hooray - Time to celebrate!

Add your domain name to social media accounts, business cards, letter heads and any merch. Spread the word and tell everyone to come and check out your new website!


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