Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Increases Visitors Organically

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is fundamental and essential.

The aim of Search Engine Optimisation is to gain best possible “organic” or “natural” search ranking positions for all or important pages of your website.

The most important factor in marketing a website is a high rank in search engines.

High positions in search results leads consumers to assume your business as a trustworthy choice.

SEO Toowoomba considers your marketplace & local competition to optimise your website for search and requires experience, ethical techniques and approaches.

Our experience & understanding of search engine optimisation and what makes our clients unique gives them an edge over the competition in a search for their services.

If your website doesn’t appear on the first page in a Google search for your products or services, you are certainly missing out & should look at what SEO Toowoomba can do for you..

Why Optimise for Organic Results?

Two ways to get your business noticed in Search

Two ways to get your website noticed, that matter.

  1. Organic results or
  2. Paid results.


There are other ways to get visitors, but getting visitors is not enough, you need targeted visitors.

Targeted visitors are not people who have been ad spammed to visit your website.

Targeted visitors are people who are looking for your products or services.

Organic search engine optimisation targets these searchers.

Organic search engine optimisation should be considered a long term goal, with the aim of achieving better results over time by adding more relevant content. Without good organic results, the people looking for your services probably won’t find you.

Initially, some effort is required to achieve a good result, but over time, less is required to maintain rankings.

Organic optimisation expense is nothing compared to what you risk losing without it. Organic position results will stabalise, presenting much better value than paid ads.

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Why Organic Results Are Desirable

The clear champion of targeted website traffic is organic search.

Organic Results Simply Deliver Relevant Traffic.

Organic search can bring the most qualified and motivated customers.

Organic traffic is the term used to describe visits to a website coming from a search engine’s organic results and not paid ads.

Traffic from organic search is more likely to convert visitors into customers simply because searchers are looking to engage your products or services.

Organic search results match keywords to user intent & that means you may be present in many searches. The user may find you consistently, and once they get to your site, they are more likely to stay.

Pushing your site up in results will ensure your high rank becomes “authoritive” and harder for competition to overcome.

Over time, organic results will stabilise and a position for your keyword can produce a steady rank.

Organic users are still your best long-term customers. In my experience, they have lower bounce rates, more pages visited and higher possibility of returning.

Types of Web Traffic

The 5 Main Types of Web Traffic

1: Direct Traffic

Direct traffic consists of people who enter your website directly into their web browser or clicked a bookmarked favourite in order to visit.

2: Organic Search Traffic

Organic traffic is any traffic that visits your website by searching a keyword or key phrase using a search engine. More than two-thirds of all online searches are through Google.

3: Referral Traffic

Traffic from people who find your website through links outside of your website. These are commonly called “backlinks” or “external links” from other websites located throughout the Web.

4: Paid Traffic

Paid traffic refers to users who enter your website through paid internet advertising. This includes paid advertising with Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook etc;

5: Social Traffic

Refers to users who enter your website through social media sites.

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SEO Toowoomba

Once you achieve the results you need, monitor and apply SEO as required.

Monitoring your keyword positions compared to your competition will help ensure you know when to perform further SEO to stay one step ahead.

When to comes to SEO Toowoomba, we get results.

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Of all SEO variables, keywords are the most useful.

Keywords can be powerful or irrelevant, how do you choose the right keywords?

Keyword searches with high commercial intent, meaning, keywords where a searcher is looking to buy a product or service (for example: “buy ladies wool jumper”) – are worth far more to businesses than your basic informational keyword for searches such as “wool jumper”.

Our Rank Reporting software can show search volumes for local searchers to find the best keywords to target.

Search Engines

people looking for products or services use search engines.

There are about 25 major search engines indexing websites and information from around the globe.

You can find just about anything using a search engine.

Research your business to see if it’s coming up in a search using other popular search engines.

For a list of search engines visit:

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Search optimisation Vs Advertising

Google is a search engine and an advertiser.

If you are like most searchers, you rarely click on ads.

Not that ads are bad, but ads have a bad rap, resulting in “ad blindness” as searchers don’t want something that seems “forced” on them.

Searchers know websites with great organic search results have had to earn their position and are more likely to be “real” or useful.

Organic search refers to the non-paid search results from a search engine.

Ranking in organic search for relevant keywords drives ‘free’ traffic to your website.

If you’re curious where your website ranks in organic search for a particular keyword, enquiry about a keyword rank report.

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