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Single Page Website Package

Mobile friendly and fast.

Some business don’t require pages of information.

This is typical of a business starting out with a need for a professional start, but don’t have need for more than one page (just yet anyway).

You want a presence to make your business available and found in relevant search queries, or at the very least, for your business name.

You probably don’t have or need much content, but still want something that looks good and has enough information for visitors to make a decision.

A single page business website, found in a search with services, contact information & map shows your business in a legitimate, professional light.

Attention to Quality

Quality Content Over Quantity

A single page website delivers short, quality content.

Just because it’s just a single page doesn’t mean it’s less relevant.

As there is only a single page, the quality of the page’s content will rely on “relevant to the topic” information.

A single page website can bring targeted visitors when used with Google Ads.

The right balance of topical keywords in your content will help make your site relevant to organic search.

Website Layout & Theme

Colours, fonts & styled elements

Your website layout is tied to it’s purpose.

Planning the layout of your website includes understanding your audience & how they expect elements to present & behave. 

The flow of our single page website presents information in an easily digested format to encourage engagment.

We are essentially leading visitors down our “garden path” to area’s where a “decision” can be made.

To understand how your website layout should present, we need to look at purpose.

Your Website's Purpose

Your website is not for you.

Your website is for & must meet the needs of its audience.

Planning around a website’s purpose requires some analysing the of the market and competition.

We need come up with the best answers to these questions:

  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • Why do I need you?
  • How do we contact you?

Website Care Plan

Taking Care of Business

We check on your website every day!

We update your website when a software update is released so that you’re running the most secure and stable versions of the product.

Our Website Care Report is a summary of this work & information so you can be confident your website is backed up & running at an optimum level.


This website comes with our
Basic Website Care Plan


By the Month with totals for the year


Monthly scan for PageSpeed & YSlow score


Monthly scan to keep your website safe


Monthly Backup of your website

Single Page

Website & Hosting Package
$ 499 + $12 per month
  • Website Type: HTML
  • 1 Page
  • Domain Name (
  • 500Mb Hosting + SSL
  • Email: 1 Account
  • Google Indexing
  • Website Care Plan
  • Personal & Remote Support
500Mb + SSL