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Our Standard Business Websites are Written in Plain HTML.

Web coding standards, conventions and user expectations.

In an ever changing landscape that is the internet, following W3C standards ensures compatibility.

Our standard HTML business website design follows web coding standards, conventions and user expectations.

Benefits of a HTML Business Website

Compatibility, usability, reliability and expected user control.

Internet users can experience problems when using the web.

Users access the web with varied devices and abilities, disabilities, functional limitations, environmental or technology factors.

By following a standard, the user who may have some sort of limitation be it technical (bandwidth limitations, older device) or physical (visual, cognitive or motor control) will be ensured access to the information on the website as expected.

Optimised for Search

Of all the web programming languages, HTML is the most search engine friendly.

HTML has the least SEO complications and provides the greatest flexibility.

A well made HTML website may be a wiser and more progressive decision for your business than getting a high-tech website that may require regular, ongoing updating or maintenance, pushing up long term costs.

Setting up a Business Website

Static HTML is the most robust platform for building a website for your business.

This website is a classic example of a standard, static website.

Static websites don't have the security & maintenance overheads of database driven websites.

This is why a static HTML business website is the best solution for long term viability.

Optimising content, indexing your website in search for relative keyword search terms and getting your website speed up as fast as possible should be the main goal.

A static business website is almost always faster than a dynamic business website as the code is leaner and search optimisation is easier though direct manipluation of the HTML code robots will see.

Taking standards into consideration during website development will ensure compatibility, while helping to "future proof" your website as emerging technologies appear.

Respect For Visitor Privacy

By nature, HTML websites do not track you.

In Europe, compliance with WCAG appears to be more stringently enforced than it is in the US or Australia.

You may have noticed on all UK websites, a pop up confirming your authority for the website to use cookies to store information about you in compliancy with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

This is not required for any other website in the world, but any website could track you without your knowledge.

To Sum It Up

Here are the main reasons a HTML website is the choice for you:

 1. It's faster. Database query and language execution (PHP, Python etc) is slow in comparison.

 2. It's cheaper. Database query and language execution (PHP, Python etc) is costly.

 3. It's safer. No database decreases the risk of getting attacked.

 4. It's simpler. Only a dozen pages or so to manage.

 5. It's reliable. HTML is robust as hell compared to other platorms.

 6. It's compatible. HTML has been around since the internet started.

Our "standard" business website is about creating business websites that follow standards set by the W3C guidelines.

If you need to regularly edit or add pages, check out our dynamic business websites.

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Standard Business Website

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