Power Words To Get Clicked

Ever wonder why competitors get more traffic?

Why are headlines and content important?

Much research has been done to find out what makes a headline a good headline.

The two most common characteristics of a good headline are specificity and emotion.

Specificity just means that the headline is crafted with your target audience in mind.

The goal is for your target audience to feel that the headline was written just for them. 

The easiest way to make your headline or call to action more click-worthy is to use power words.

Power words are words with strong meaning that smart copywriters (as well as marketers) use to trigger a psychological or emotional response. 

There are many ways of categorising power words, but from our perspective, there are three types of power words.

  1. Seductive Power Words
  2. Emotional Power Words
  3. Sensory (or visual)

These words have magical powers.

By using them in your copy, your customers are irrationally drawn to take action.

Sometimes, all you have to do to make copy effective is to mention why users should take action.

Practical knowledge is a great way to compel users to take action.

Study after study has proven that humans consider emotions when taking action then justify it with logic.

Power words, when used correctly, tap into one or more of the 17 desires that every human being has.

By triggering an emotional response, combined with the specificity of your headline, readers cannot help but click and take action.

Download the full list of power words and explanation of how to use and why they work.


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