Business Website

a value solution for any business.

Business Website Package

Our Standard Business Website Package has Everything you need

A CMS Business Website, Domain Name (, 2.5Gb Hosting and Email.

Starts with 9 pages, but unlimited in how many you can create or add to your website.

Once we create your awesome business website, we will index it with Google & major search engines.

We have over 10 years experience with both WordPress and Joomla and can create a solution for any business, local Toowoomba, SEQ or Australia wide.

A Dynamic Website

Choice of Popular CMS’s WordPress or Joomla!

We believe in choice and offer the two most popular and refined Content Management Systems available.

Add and edit website content easily.

CMS’s increase functionality such as editing, creating pages where HTML is limited.

Easily add your information and images with our guidance, or we can add your content for you.

With our remote support, we can work with you, showing you the basic’s and some advanced editing to make your website all it can be.

Domain Name

We help you choose a domain name if you don’t have one or a good one.

The search ability or friendliness of the domain name is an important factor.

A search engine friendly domain name can really boost your ability to rank and considers alternative extensions.


Unlimited Pages (Starts With 10)

We design your website “template” that will be used for all pages and then create your first ten pages. If you require more initial pages we can price adjust.

If you need to add new page, simply create it yourself or login to support and request a new page & we will create for you. Remote tutorials going over the basics are available and included in price.

Pages might include information for things such as products, services, about us, FAQ, blog, testimonials, reviews, an image gallery, privacy policy, terms & conditions, sitemap, contact details or more.

Australian Hosting

2.5GB + 3 Email Accounts + SSL

Our Host Server is located in the Data Center, Sydney Australia, for maximum  bandwidth and connectivity.

Hosting plays an important part as it’s not only a place or space for your website & email, it also delivers them.

There are many cheap options when it comes to hosting. Don’t be fooled with offers of large amounts of hosting space. The importance of hosting services, connectivity & server management in general should not be underestimated or taken for granted.

Our standard business website has 2.5Gb of space for your website and email with a secure SSL connection.

This package includes 3 email accounts. More can be added at $35 per year for each extra account.

Google Indexing

Getting Your Site Right With Search

You could launch a website and forget about it and Google would eventually pick it up, but we need to be proactive to get the best results.

Google supplies a couple of useful tools that allow us to quickly index a website & monitor visitors.

Most people would have heard of Google Analytics & Search Console. These allow webmasters to add code to websites for Google to track visitors and return data.

This data will be gathered over time and show information to improve your search results and overall website usability.

Business Website Care Plan

All business websites need a website care plan

Taking Care of Business is a neccessity & your website is no different.

Our Business Website Package includes our Business Website Care Plan.

We performs checks daily and update your website when new updates are released.

We email a report with an overview of updates,visitor numbers, seo, analytics, performance, security & backups.

Website Care Plan

Taking Care of Business

We check on your website every day!

We update your website when a software update is released so that you’re running the most secure and stable versions of the product.

Our Website Care Report is a summary of this work & information. 

You can be confident your website is backed up, updated, SEO checked & running at an optimum level.

Our Website Care Plan Report show an overview and detailed information of:


By the Month with totals for the year


Keywords tracked & visibility score


Pageviews, Site sessions, visitors, bounce rate


PageSpeed score, YSlow score


A summary of website updates


Scan report to keep your website safe


Backups created with date and time of last backup


Website & Hosting Package
$ 3675 + $25 per month
  • Website Type: CMS
  • Pages: 9 (Unlimited *)
  • Domain Name (
  • Hosting + SSL: 2.5GB
  • Email: 3 Accounts
  • Website Care Plan
  • Google Indexing
  • Ticket & Remote Support
2.5Gb + SSL