Business Website Package

everything you need to get an online presence

Our Toowoomba Business Website Package has everything you need to get a quick online presence.

We provide Content Management System style Business Website Packages that include A Website, Domain Name (, Hosting, Email and Support.

With our business website package, you can create unlimited pages and grow your website as your business grows.

Once we create your awesome business website, we will index it with Google & major search engines.

We can provide effective Search Engine Optimisation & Search Engine Marketing services while maintaining your precious, business website.

Your business website is the backbone and the infrastructure around which you build your business

Why You Need A Business Website Package

Your website is the backbone of how you will build your business.

The services that make your website function such as a domain name & hosting are crucial to the survival of your website & business.

To make management easy, we package and supply these essential things together.

If you choose to add SEO & SEM, you’ll have a complete set of tools to make your website all it can be.

business website package

Management of Website & Services

Packaging crucial services together makes management much easier.

Managing a web presence for any business can be a challenge.

Our small business website packages are a bundle of services that make your website function such as a domain name, website, hosting & email.

All your website services in one place makes administration & problem solving easy.

business website packages

What Is in our business Website Package?

Our business website package contain elements for success.

Here are the main elements that will help give your website a chance to succeed.

1. Domain Name (

A search engine friendly domain name is priceless. You can’t have a website without a domain name. We have helped many business find a suitable domain name. If you already have a domain name, we can move on to hosting..

2. Hosting (AU)

A host server is a networked computer that serves your website to the world. Our host is located in Australia, is reliable, affordable, upgradable and provides support when needed. Hosting packages are available from 1Gb to 150Gb.

3. CMS Website

Edit your website information quickly so it is never out of date. Content Management Systems  such as WordPress or Joomla, provide login access to change or update content, when ever you want.

4. Website Optimisation

Pages, content & images optimised for web. Auditing and optimising content with checks on page speed and content delivery. A report on your website performance in each Website Maintenance Report.

5. Maintenance

Modern websites need maintenance from time to time. The more functions added to your website, the more updating and maintenance is required. Security, compatibility and stability are the benefits of regular maintenance. We take care of backups’ & updating your website’s software to keep it running smoothly. Includes Full Website Maintenance Report.

6. Search Engine Indexing (included but optional)

Usually this is a no brainer, but we have to ask, do you want your site indexed with search? We also need to check if there is anything you don’t want indexed. If so, we index your website as required with Google, Bing and other major search engines. 

7. Google Analytics & Search Console (included but optional)

Google provides free tools to index and monitor your website. Why not use them?

Website Package Addons

Addons to give your website a boost.

Additional elements that are needed, but vary in importance.

The following elements importance will vary from business to business. This makes throwing a price out there a challenge, without understanding your budget & needs. This is why these elements are not included in packages, but rather individually priced & added to packages as required.

8. Search Optimisation (optional addon)

Search Engine Optimisation covers a lot of ground from research & optimising keywords, adding meta tags, technical analysis such as keyword placement, densities and reports on your position in search. Keywords can be also used in ads. More on Search Optimisation.

9. Keyword Rank Reporting (optional)

Discover and monitor your position in search for keywords. Your position in search will determin how much traffic you will get. Knowing your position for important keywords allows you to manage SEO and SEM.

10. Search Engine Marketing (optional addon)

Search Engine Marketing is advertising with search engines. The most popular is Google Ads. Your keywords can be used in ads to maximise potential. More on Search Engine Marketing

I'm interested in:

Website & Hosting

Want a website with hosting & email?

If you need a website with hosting and email, we provide custom packaged options.

If required, we can register your domain name ( included in our website packages).

Website Only

Have hosting and only want a website?

If you currently have hosting and would like us to build your website, we can do that for you.

Get a quote for us to build a WordPress, Joomla or HTML website on your host server.