Premium Business Website Package

Domain, Website, Hosting & Reporting

premium website

Our premium website package

A Premium package for a competitive edge.

Your website is your most important marketing tool.

Your business found in a search with services, product information, contact information & map, is what people have come to expect.

Our premium website package has all you need to get your business online quickly and efficiently. Includes keyword position reports delivered by our Rank Tracker Mobile App and our Website Care Plan.

Website Type

Content Management System or CMS

A CMS is also commonly called a “website editor” because it makes editing a website easy for anyone.

Your choice of WordPress or Joomla content management sytem or “website editor”.

These CMS’s have a proven history. WordPress has been around since 2003 & Joomla since 2005.

We have been using both platforms since they began and our experience allows us to customise these cms’s to your needs.

Domain Name

A premium website needs a premium, search friendly domain name.

We help you choose a domain name if you don’t have one or a good one.

The search ability or friendliness of the domain name is an important factor.

A search engine friendly domain name can really boost your ability to rank and considers alternative extensions.


Unlimited Pages (starts with 12)

We design your premium website “template” that will be used for all pages and then create your first twelve pages. If you require more or less initial pages, we can price adjust.

When you need to add new page, simply create it yourself or request a new page & we will create for you. A personal, remote tutorial going over the basics of editing your website is included.

Pages might include information for things such as products, services, about us, FAQ, blog, testimonials, reviews, an image gallery, privacy policy, terms & conditions, sitemap, contact details or more.

Hosting & Email

5GB + 5 Email Accounts + SSL

Hosting plays an important part in any web presence as it’s not only a space for your website & email, it also delivers them.

Our premium website has 10Gb of space for your website and email with a secure SSL connection with unlimited bandwidth.

There are “many cheap options” when it comes to hosting. They are usually not in Australia.

Our Host Server is located in the Data Center, Sydney Australia, for maximum  bandwidth and connectivity.

Our server has 413 applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ready to install and run to add functionality to your website.

This package includes 5 email accounts. More can be added at $35 per year for each extra account.

Google Indexing

Getting your site right with Google

You could launch a website and forget about it and Google would eventually pick it up, but we need to be proactive to get the best results.

Google supplies a couple of useful tools that allow us to quickly index a website &   monitor visitors.

Most people would have heard of Google Analytics & Search Console. These allow webmasters to add code to websites for Google to track visitors and return data.

Data will be gathered over time and show statistics information to be used for improving search results and overall website usability.

Rank Reporting

Your Keyword Positions in a search

Rank Reporting shows exactly what is going on with your keyword positions.

It is particularly important to monitor your keyword positions in search to ensure you know where your website is positioned in search results.

Without great organic search results site owners will rely on advertising spend to get visitors.

Advertising is seen as a form of spam. Once you rely on advertising to get visitors, you will need to continue to rely on paying advertisers. Advertised visitors (or what I call “spammed visitors”) don’t become long term customers like those who are searching for your services.

blankAvoid over-relying on paid ad services & ensure your organic reach in search is optimum.

We scan your top 50 chosen keyword positions logging daily, weekly and monthly positions. Live reports are delivered via mobile app.

PDF reports will show a daily breakdown of each keyword and very important local search volumes for each keyword.

Knowing local search volumes for any chosen keyword is powerful information for targeted SEO.

Website & Hosting Package
$ 3499 + $35 per month
  • Website Type: CMS
  • Domain Name (
  • Pages: Unlimited *
  • Hosting + SSL: 10GB
  • Email: 5 Accounts
  • Google Indexing
  • Rank Report: 50 Keywords
  • Website Care Plan
  • Ticket & Remote Support
5Gb + SSL

Website Care Plan

Taking Care of Business

We check on your website every day!

We update your website when a software update is released so that you’re running the most secure and stable versions of the product.

Our Website Care Report is a summary of this work & information so you can be confident your website is backed up & running at an optimum level.


Our Website Care Plan Report show an overview and detailed information of:


Pageviews, Site sessions, visitors, bounce rate


Backups created with date and time of last backup


PageSpeed score, YSlow score


Scan report to keep your website safe


Keywords tracked & visibility score


By the Month with totals for the year


A summary of updates & duties performed.