Website Redesign

A website redesign can solve a lot of problems.

Website redesign is mainly about fixing usability issues, aesthetics or both.

An upgrade or website redesign can boost revenue, lower bounce rates and improve user experience (UX).

Good usability relies on:

  1. a responsive & mobile friendly website.
  2. seemless user experience (how easy your site is to use).


When you start thinking about a website redesign, we must be able to answer some questions about your existing website.

  • What are your most valuable website pages right now?
  • What pages and things are working well?
  • Who is coming to your website, and why?
  • What customer need isn’t being met by the current website?


Redesigning your website with your customers in mind means knowing the intent or ‘driver’ that leads them there.

Be aware of competitors in your market and perform a competition analysis.

Ensure that any feature you want to add to your website meets your desired business goals.


User Experience (UX)

UX refers to the totality of visitors’ experience with your site – more than just how it looks. How fast & how easy it is to find information.

The affects of a poorly set up or ineffective website can really impact your business.

website redesign

Reasons to redesign Your Website

Your website is slow, you want it to go faster.

Your website doesn’t provide the functionality you and/or your clients need.

Your current website can’t provide the security you need or you have security concerns/issues.

You are refreshing or rebranding your business. A friend made the logo years ago and it looks dated.

Visual Appeal
If your site doesn’t look good or meet an expected visual standard, you might lose credibility.

Stock Photos
Your site looks bland or generic as you have too many stock or poor quality photos.

For whatever reason, you or your designer chose the wrong platform to build your website.

Old – Clunky
Your site is old and doesn’t meet the needs of your visitors. It looks dated and needs a total re-build.

Your website’s code is full of errors and it would be easier to start over.

Website Redesign Enquiry

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