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your website is your most important marketing tool.

Your business website, found in a search with services, product information, contact information & map, is what people have come to expect.

Without a decent website to seal the deal, you’ll be spending time on social building their business, instead of spending time on building your business.

Your website is an essential part of your small business and important to give it the attention it deserves.

Attention to Quality

Quality Content Over Quantity

A small business website pays attention to the quality of content, not the amount.

You may not have or need much content, but still want something that looks good and has enough quality information for visitors to make a decision.

As there are not many pages, the quality of each page’s content will rely on “relevant to the topic” information & the right balance of keywords to make relevant to search.

But before we get started on your website, you need a plan.

Planning your Website

Create a plan with a goal for your website

If your goal is to have a website that brings in clients and customers, you can’t simply slap together a site and expect success.

Planning a website is just as important as creating one.

Determine what you want your website visitors to do once they land on your site.

Your goal might include selling products or services, inform of new products & services, generate leads & new customers or just as an online information style brochure.

Figure out how you will get your visitors to easily navigate through your site in order for them to complete your call-to-action.

Create a list of keywords to use in order to move your web pages up the ranks of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Qwant etc.

Your Website's Purpose

Your website is not for you.

Your website is for & must meet the needs of its audience.

Planning around a website’s purpose can take between 10 to 30 percent of the total project time and requires anaylsing the market and competition.

We need come up with the best answers to these questions:

  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • Who are your competition?
  • What do visitors want from your website?
  • What do you want from your website?

Website Structure & Objectives

Guiding visitors to their destination

Have you heard of the term “reverse engineering”?

This is the process of deconstructing a man made object to reveal it’s inner workings or structure.

In the same way, we start at the visitor end point and work back through the steps to get them there.

Without logical or intuitive navigational structure, visitors will get lost and soon lose interest.

Website Layout & Theme

Colours, fonts & styled elements

The layout part of planning your website includes finding the right colours and fonts to compliment your business.

Choosing the right font combinations and font sizes vs white space to create a visually appealing layout will take a little experimenting & testing.

We must thoroughly understand your business to settle on a solution.

Business Website Care Plan

All business websites need a website care plan

quality approvedTaking Care of Business is a neccessity & your website is no different.

Our Business Website Package includes our Business Website Care Plan.

We performs checks daily and update your website when new updates are released.

We email a report with an overview of updates,visitor numbers, seo, analytics, performance, security & backups.

Website Care Plan

Taking Care of Business

We check on your website every day!

We update your website when a software update is released so that you’re running the most secure and stable versions of the product.

Our Website Care Report is a summary of this work & information. 

You can be confident your website is backed up, updated, SEO checked & running at an optimum level.

Our Website Care Plan Report show an overview and detailed information of:


By the Month with totals for the year


Keywords tracked & visibility score


Pageviews, Site sessions, visitors, bounce rate


PageSpeed score, YSlow score


A summary of website updates


Scan report to keep your website safe


Backups created with date and time of last backup

Small Business

Website & Hosting Package
$ 2298 + $16 per month
  • Website Type: HTML
  • Pages: 6 + contact form *
  • Domain Name (
  • 1Gb Hosting + SSL
  • 2 Email Accounts
  • Website Care Plan Basic
  • Google Indexing
  • Ticket & Remote Support
1Gb + SSL