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Website Development for Small Business

A small business web page pays more attention to quality, not quantity.

Single page sites have all the necessary content on the same page and are mobile friendly.

Single page sites are popular with small or start up business or used for product promotion as you do not need or have much content but still want something that looks good.

Small Business Website Design

Local Business Website Design

A single web page in sections that are connected.

Navigation buttons float at top of the page. Click to auto-scroll to that section of the page.

The sections could include:


The homepage section introduces the visitor with information and images relative to their search and your business.


The About section shows the visitor your image and little about yourself/business to add a personal touch.


The Products section showcases your products with images with mouse over effect with information snippets.


Services sections shows the visitor the types or services you are offering.

Contact & Map

All your contact details such as phone, email form & location and/or Google Map.

On a simple one page website, you will not have a headache on how you will lead the users to certain information.

The popularity of one-page websites happens because this kind of site really works.

You can focus on your website's content without thinking about supplying too much or not enough information.

Easily upgrade to a standard business website if/when you out grow - discount available to upgrade from this package!


Click the image to the right to visit a great example of a single page website.

single page website

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